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Educational Advantage

Making a choice can be difficult, especially when it decides your future. So make an informed decision on where you would like to see yourself, two years from now. At Urbane, your learning experience is bound to be promising, where read more

At Urbane Academy we believe in planning ahead for competitive examinations to device the perfect strategy for each student to excel and realize their full potential.

  • Are you a parent worried about the choice of a junior college for your son/ daughter?
  • As a parent do you want to ensure a happy learning experience, which guarantees concrete results?
  • Do you think your child deserves individual attention than being mass-tutored at a corporate college?
  • Urbane Academy has the answers! Its the Urbane Advantage..

Regular teaching techniques lead to average results. We at Urbane believe in the potential of each student to excel in various national-level and state-wide competitive examinations.

Look beyond the choice of corporate college groups and look up to Urbane Academy which ensures results and a stress-free learning environment. We are a consortium of like-minded people with years of read more

  Our aim is to promote quality education and script success stories without the anxiety fostered by other junior colleges.

At Urbane we believe that the secret to education lies in respecting the student. The Urbane two year integrated programme for intermediate and coaching for entrances helps your child strike the right-balance

  • Equal emphasis on intermediate-syllabus as well as entrance examinations
  • Individual attention and guidance by experienced faculty members and professionals in the field, selected for their expertise of over a decade
  • Experience modern teaching and learning practices which help you build strong fundamentals. Our faculty are the pillars of Urbane Academy

  • Ample time to revise, appear for mock-tests and self-study
  • Evaluations help our students improve as we trust constructive criticism, not pressurising young minds
  • We do not believe in 15-hour workdays for students or segregation based on marks and neglecting under-achievers

  Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.  

Henry Ford


What makes Urbane Academy unique?

It is the dedicated staff and the goal to guide students to success. Unlike other commercial establishments,
Urbane Academy is a consortium of educators and experienced faculty.


We believe in taking up the challenge of achieving the best results, without subjecting students to unnecessary stress. We motivate, nurture and hand-hold each student to achieve their potential. read more

Our faculty members have been carefully picked and have more than two decades of experience in mentoring students. We believe that quality education can be guaranteed only with a permanent member overseeing the process, in contrast to the makeshift arrangement of other colleges.read more

We trust the power of starting small to ensure maximum attention to the students and a focused approach.read more