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Campus Life

Situated in Madhapur and now in Hubsiguda & Warangal, Urbane Academy strives to provide a nurturing environment for the all-round development of students. With a strong focus on academics, the classrooms are well equipped for lectures, demonstrations and presentations. We believe in creating a conducive atmosphere for study and our expansive classrooms and reading rooms provide spaces for self-study, group work and more. Our library houses a wide range of preparation material, books for references and well-equipped computers for attempting online tests. The cafeteria is designed for breaks and discussions by students as we do not believe in cramped study-hours. read more


  You Belong Here You become a part of Urbane Campus Life and
make connections that last a lifetime.


Urbane Facilities


A healthy mind resides in a healthy body and Urbane Academy believes that there is more to academics than classrooms. We provide our students a chance to experience challenges and competition which awaits them in the real world.

For the students of intermediate, participation in extra-curricular activities is encouraged. We help our students prepare for inter-college competitions and provide them free slots for taking up hobbies and craft to build a well-rounded character. We try to emphasise the need to be a team player and help our students overcome the fear of public-speaking and acquaint them with basic computer skills. read more

Student Services

    Urbane Academy puts students first. We provide

  •  Counseling services for choosing the right career.
  •  Additional classes for those who take time to grasp subjects.
  •  Help you apply for various competitive examinations.
  •  Easily accessible for any suggestions students might have.
  •  Take a keen interest in performance of individual student and help with tailor-made study material.
  •  Provide an opportunity to the students to air their concerns before the exams.
  •  Help you choose the right career after the student graduates from Urbane.
  • read more
Health &Wellness

We understand the stress students go through to achieve their goals. In case of an emergency, we have a doctor-on-call who can be approached by the student for free-consultations. In order to ensure that the students are in the best frame of mind while taking up the challenge to prepare for national level competitive exams, we have appointed student counselors who can guide the students in personal as well as academic queries to help them achieve their potential. read more

Hostel Facilities

Urbane's Hostel facilities is home away from home with comfortable stay, scrumptious food and recreational activities. Hostel Facilities are separate for boys & girls. Each room has an attached bath and is shared by 4 students.

Being a residential campus Urbane has arranged for classrooms separately for study within the campus itself. Care is taken to limit the count to 35 students in each class. Girls have 4 sections in their residential campus and boys have 6 sections in their residential campus. Both the campuses have recreational rooms for students to relax from their hectic study schedules. A very clean common dining room also becomes the place for catching up on different things. read more

Class Rooms

At Urbane we took utmost care while conceiving the classrooms. We understand that the classroom attempts to provide a space where learning can take place uninterrupted by outside distractions. The layout, design and decor of the classroom is designed considering its significant effect upon the quality of the educational experience.

Attention to the acoustics and colour scheme was taken to reduce distractions and aid concentration. The lighting and furniture likewise was chosen that would have positive influence on factors such as student attention span. The row style allows teachers ample amount of space to walk around. This makes it easier for teachers to supervise the students work and catch any students that may be misbehaving, insuring that students stay focused. read more


Urbane Laboratories are well equipped to conduct experiments, tests, investigations that encourage observations and instill curiosity among students. Urabne has complete lab equipment separately for Physics, Chemistry, Botany & Zoology.