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Urbane Success mantra

Our pillars to success

  • 1. Build on basics – The concepts, theory and problems are taught in depth by the faculty. We do not believe in cutting corners or learning by rote.

  • 2. Work and re-work – Students are provided with challenging assignments and problems to work-on, both in the class and at home. Though we ensure that the student has enough time to revise, we make sure that their time is used constructively to tackle problems using the new concepts. The study material provided covers the fundamentals as well as advanced problems.

  • 3. Discuss – We encourage students to ask doubts and raise questions to the faculty members. Teaching-learning is a two-way road and asking a doubt is always a good sign.

  • 4. Practice – Evaluation of a student’s level of preparation is done based on the weekly and monthly tests. The patterns are different and we make sure that our tests challenge the students to think out-of-the-box.

  • 01 - Knowledge

  • 02 - Comprehension

  • 03 - Exemplary teaching

  • 04 - Conducive environment

  • 05 - Confidence

  • 06 - Success


About Urbane

Experienced faculty, a goal-oriented curriculum and razor sharp focus on competitive exam preparations has lead us to be one of the top intermediate colleges in Hyderabad. We at Urbane have a two-year integrated programme for intermediate and coaching for entrances that ensure a stress-free environment without losing sight of the results. We strive to provide the best coaching for IIT, NEET & SAT and the individual attention your teen deserves. Being one of the best junior colleges read more